Healing Circle amd Cultivation of the Flame

The next Healing Circle for the Fellowship will be on Monday 8th of July. The Circle convenes at 7:30pm, and goes for approximately 2 hours.

The Healing Circle is held under the auspices of the Goddess Brighid, an ancestral Irish and Celtic Deity, and one of the chief Deities of the Fellowship. The Healing Circle commences with a general discussion about the Lady Brighid, as a Goddess of Healing, and a discussion on healing from an esoteric viewpoint. A short exercise is then conducted in the cultivation of the Flame, a set of exercises and visualisations which can be done on a daily basis to allign with the healing flame of the Goddess Brighid, and to bring the energy of Her healing flame within your body and being. A short ritual follows, in which we work with the Lady’s flame and presence in order to more deeply understand the issues in our lives which require healing, and to find our next step towards wholeness.

This week’s discussion topic will be “Healing Self, Healing the World”, in which we will explore from an esoteric viewpoint the nature of individual and collective being, and how inner and outer healing practices mutually reinforce.

Date: Monday 8th July

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Location: The Gap, Brisbane. Phone or txt Rob on 0408 854 077, or email rob@stagandflame.com if you haven’t been before and need to know the address!


Healing Circle

Our regular healing circle will be held on Monday 25th of May. This session will focus on the discussion topic of what is healing? We will be working with the Goddess Brghid, a traditional Celtic deity of healing.

We will explore the spiritual dimension of healing – the opportunity in every illness/injury – from a neo-pagan perspective. What is illness? Changes in perspective from individual-rational-centric to felt-collectivity of life. The place of giving and receiving.

As always their will be a short ritual and meditation involving traditional Deities.

There is no charge for attendance, but a small donation towards costs would be appreciated.

The circle is held at The Gap, in Brisbane’s inner west.