The Fellowship of the Stag and Flame is a neo-Pagan teaching fellowship based in Brisbane, Australia. Events are held in The Gap, in Brisbane’s inner west, and in surrounding areas. We are committed to preserving, developing, and passing down practical and effective ways of Self transformation and spiritual development based on the Anglo-Celtic Esoteric tradition.

The Stag is an ancient symbolism of Divinity and transformation, representing the powers of fertility and renewal, associated with such figures as Herne the Hunter, Merlin the Magician, and the Celtic Deity Cernunos. The Stag reveals the opening to the numinous land.

 The Flame is an ancient symbol of life energy, transformation and healing power. It is associated with the Celtic Goddess Brighid and her three flames of vitality, transformation and inspiration. It represents the alchemical transformation from base matter to the awakened one and the inspiration of Spirit.

 The Fellowship of the Stag and Flame teaches a system of inner work based on meditation and visualisation and the control of conscious attention which aims to open practitioners to their fullest potential, and in so doing realise the potential of all life and being (The Great Work). This inner work is based on the duality of existence and the conscious cultivation of the White and Red dragon currents, and the alchemy of inner union. Progress in the work is aided through practices designed to cultivate the presence of and contact with the Fellowship’s inner plane contacts and Deities, predominantly found within the Celtic and Brythonic pantheons. Through work with and contemplation upon the Arthurian and Merlinic corpus, the Tarot, the energies of nature, trees, herbs, gemstones, traditional beliefs and folk practices, and traditional Deities, our work is linked with the inner tradition behind the neo-pagan revival and the old ways of the Anglo-Celtic people.

The Fellowship has been instituted by pagan author Robyn Wood to provide a means for students to study the NeoPagan Mysteries in a supportive environment, and holds regular meetings in Brisbane, Australia.