Members of the fellowship pledge to uphold the following code of ethics, to the best of their ability.

Code of Ethics

  1. Let the highest good of all be served.
  2. Let all who have something to say be heard in full.
  3. Strive at all times to live honestly, generously, and with integrity.
  4. Live, as far as possible, in harmony with nature.
  5. Learn from everyone you meet.
  6. Approach each day, each task, and each interaction with an open heart.
  7. Honour, protect, and embody the ancient wisdom, doing credit to the Ancient Ones.
  8. Seek to pass on one’s knowledge in the spirit of generosity, to other fellowship members, or those who otherwise show themselves to be receptive.
  9. Seek always to help, never to harm.
  10. Respect and honour the sacred bond of mutuality.

The Scared Bond of Mutuality
Fellowship members are bound together by the sacred bond of mutuality. That is, we provide help and assistance to each other, and feel free to ask for the help and assistance we ourselves may need, in a spirit of mutual strength and independence. Mutuality implies a multi-way flow of energy that enriches all parties. It is the extension of reciprocity between two people, to a larger group. Each person participating in the bond of mutuality both gives and receives. As one person helps me, so I help another. The giving and receiving forms a web of interchanges that bind together the Fellowship, increasing our strength and commonwealth.