Discussion: Creation as the Dance of Goddess and God

The next event to be held by the Fellowship is a discussion evening on the topic “Creation as the Dance of Goddess and God“. The discussion will cover the importance of this as the essential worldview that informs the philosophy and magical and ritual practice of the fellowship. This overarching view of creation has implications for sexuality, self concept, and our view of and relationship with nature. To see the world in this way is to see everything as living, related, and the offspring of both a nurturing, generative power, and a seed, quickening power. This has profound implications for the way we undertake all our life activities, from the most mundane to the most esoteric. It represents not only a philosophical viewpoint, but a profound practical explanation of the creative process, that situates us within an unfolding in which we participate.

Time: 7:30pm

Date: Monday 22nd July

Place: The Gap, Brisbane. Email  Rob at rob@stagandflame.com for details of location

The evening will conclude with a short meditation and ritual honouring traditional Deities.