Discussion Evening: Basic Principals of Esotericism

The next event to be held by the Fellowship is a discussion evening on the “Basic Principals of Esotericism“. The discussion will cover the mystical and esoteric viewpoint, and how and why it differs from the dominant worldview of the Western Secular Society. We will discuss the worldview that informs the Fellowship in particular, and the neo-pagan worldview in general.

Time: 7:30pm

Date: Monday 17th June

Place: The Gap, Brisbane. Email  Rob at rob@stagandflame.com for details of location

Topics include:

Creation as the Dance of the Goddess and God

The Wheel of the Year

The Four Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Everything is alive

The Web of Wyrd

The Power of Attention

The evening will conclude with a short meditation and ritual honouring traditional Deities.